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Gonna have to wait a whole year if you miss this.


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This is so important.

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You know…some things, Jon Snow (x)


You know…some things, Jon Snow (x)

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You really should watch this like rn


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fun prank: teach girls from an early age that their entire worth lays in how pretty they are, then make fun of them for being “”“superficial”“”

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this is… TOO awesome.
Adore Delano fan art, click image to go on down to my store and buy it on a t-shirt or whatever.
As always I will take this down straight away if Adore/Danny asks me to and will of course die of happiness if instead he decides to buy the design and sell it on his own site.

Yeah so I didn’t say: ‘OMG Willam’s gonna be on All Stars because of this!’

I was saying that it makes sense that he’s winning a popularity contest. 

Before everyone bad-mouths Drag Official, they never called themselves ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’s Official News Page’ it says Drag not Drag Race, they cover drag news not necessarily always relating to the show.

It feels correct that Willam’s winning.
So the reactions to this pissed me off… basically everyone saying it’s gonna be shit and they shouldn’t bother. It hasn’t been made yet, give it a fucking chance, you can not tell the future. Also pretty much all of the commenters either implied or actually wrote about Jonathan Ross and Jodie Harsh being the presenters when it says very clearly RIGHT THERE that they are the PRODUCERS. People keep saying if anyone should do it then it should be Graham Norton or Alan Carr, perhaps they would be good as judges but Jonathan Ross has had an interest in drag for a long time, knows some of the queens and clearly loves the show, what’s wrong with having a producer with a passion for the project? Mostly everyone’s saying that British drag queens suck… yeah all of them without having seen many I’m sure. I have actually seen loads of British drag queens, some good some bad (some amazing) but look at drag race; those guys on drag race were chosen from hundreds of other drag queens that live in America and not all of them are top quality am I right? Not saying anything bad about the show, I love it and there are loads of talented people on the show like Willam, Raven, Nina, Raja, Alaska, Adore, Bianca etc, I’m just saying it’s not talent all ‘round. More drag in more countries can only be a good thing, what the fuck is everyone’s problem?
Also watching RuPaul’s Drag Race does not make you an expert in drag, it makes you a viewer, that is all.
Everyone should get to have an opinion on religion as it affects everyone in some way and can cause oppression, death and suffering. Everyone should be allowed to voice this opinion if it’s in the interests of anyone’s physical and mental safety and if religion is infringing on their freedom. Being gay doesn’t infringe on anyone’s rights or freedom. Having an extreme negative opinion on religion is not the same as having an extreme negative opinion about gay people, one is everyone’s business, the other is not. So don’t preach that both sides are as bad as each other, it’s not true. 
So if you’re a religious extremist with a negative opinion on gay/bi/pan/trans people then maybe write it in your diary, tell your cat or embroider it on your blanket, don’t try and keep other people from having the same rights as you, it’s not your place.

I don’t know what was worse… (butt-tonne of spoilers)

…the How I Met Your Mother finale or the ridiculousness of Ru’s decision, it’s been nearly 2 days and I just don’t know. We all invested a lot of time on HIMYM but I’d been going off it for a while now and wasn’t surprised they decided to piss off the fans and do what the fuck ever. They did a total Will & Grace ending attempting to cram a whole bunch of years into one episode (even though they spent a whole season on like 3 days of shite that ended up not meaning anything cos they got divorced anyway). 

So then there’s the Milk incident on RPDR, what the fuck was that?

It was just so obvious Darienne should have been in the bottom, and then gone. Firstly he keeps being a douche to some of my favourites (De La and Milk), secondly he fucking sucked in the rap challenge and most importantly I’ve not seen a good runway outfit from him yet. Also Courtney should have won the Scream Queens main challenge, I get that they don’t wanna give too many prizes to the same people or we’ll know who the front-runners are (we already know, it’s obvious). Sure when Darienne was reading, his jokes were really funny but they weren’t really accurate, how is De La full of himself? You’re full of yourself, you asshole. I thought he seemed pretty cool from the Meet the Queens videos, I was wrong.

Not trying to take away from Trinity though, that was a really good lip-sync but it was more well suited to him since it wasn’t upbeat or comedy which would have been better for Milk.

The only way I’ll accept the Milk thing is if they bring him back like Carmen and Kenya… not that those times worked out… but he should get another chance, friggin’ Eve and Trina said they loved Milk, what the hell is wrong with Ru? I looked forward to the runway each episode solely because of Milk.

Am very glad Adore finally won a challenge :)

Side-note: I’m totally impressed with Bianca Del Rio, he’s so much funnier than I ever could have imagined, it looks like he draws his eyelashes on his face though, probably doesn’t, it just looks a little weird. Also Courtney has impressed me, I thought he was gonna just be pretty but he’s funny and adorable, his singing’s pretty good and I love his acting, it was pretty rude of Ru to say he’s resting on pretty, he is when it comes to runway but not in the main challenges.

I’m sorry, I must stop taking TV so seriously…

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"We’re gonna start a new demolition - Hot Mess Demolition, hire us. We’ll come with our hot mess selves and knock down your walls physically and emotionally … bitch.”